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Steel doors

Steel doors

The flagship steel doors Factory "geona" is the new series of "Elite" that embodies the best of advanced technology, reliability and design.

Unique door design:
— triple seal on two circuits of the door leaf (100 mm), one on the doorframe (110 mm);
— magnetic seal along the contour of the door leaf;
— layered insulation, consisting of a cork layer of oak bark;
— vybrosila – vibration dampening and waterproofing; rock - Lite is a lightweight, hydrophobized, non-flammable heat and sound insulating plates of mineral wool on the basis of rocks of basalt group (heat resistance, resistance to high temperatures, high sound-absorbing ability);
— reinforced door leaf with additional metal sheet of 0.8 mm.

Advanced locking system:

Lock Cisa 56.786.48 (Italy) – in the body of the lock cylinder assembled two (main and auxiliary) an independent locking mechanism actuated cylinders Cisa Asix OE 302-89; Lock CISA 57.986 (Italy) – in the body of the lock are assembled, two mechanisms – lever and cylinder (with remap New Cambio). These locks have the drive to pull, which when installed has a three-point locking: up, down and to the side of the door. All CISA locks are of high reliability and safety.

Aesthetic feature of the model "Elite" is the ability to pick the door unit decorative MDF frames that allow you to fully complete the style.



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